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Regal Nails Franchise Annual Meeting 2023 X RICH Payment Solutions


Introduction to Regal Nails

Regal Nails is known as one of the largest nail salon chains in the current US market. Founded in 1981 with the first nail salon opened in Santa Ana, California. With over 40 years of development, Regal Nails has now expanded more than 500 stores across America.

Their store always ensure high standards of service quality, luxurious space and a technician team with thoughtful customer care attitudes.

Regal Nails not only brings the best service experiences for customers, but also opens up attractive business opportunities for Nail Salon owners when participating in the Regal Nail Franchise program.

In 2023, the Regal Nails system is still maintaining sustainable and stable growth, continuing to be a leading in the US Nail Salon market. The annual conference of Regal Nails owners is a great opportunity for nail salon owners to share difficulties and secrets as well as learn and catch up new trends that make the success and development in the industry.

Conference agenda

This year’s Regal Nail Franchise Annual Meeting has attracted the attention of a large number of nail salon communities. With the participation of nail shop owners across America, it has ended well and brought great value not only to Regal Nails and The nail salons partners.

RICH Payment Solutions is very honored to attend as a partner, with the expectation to share payment services along with effective management and marketing solutions for Nail Shops and Restaurants in the US.

With the shares from Mr. Charlie Ton Quy, that will provide a great opportunity for Nail Salon owners to access the latest trends in technology, products and services in the Nail Salon industry and expands the network of partners and potential customers.

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This conference is the insightful shares of experiences to build and develop nail salon with operations, sales techniques, customer care, financial management, etc.… will certainly be an invaluable of inspiration for new business owners as well as those facing many difficulties in running their own businesses.

Cooperation between RICH Payment and Regal Nails

Along with the development of the Regal Nails system, RICH Payment Solutions’ proud to be a partner provide services to the operation and development of The nail salon chain. As a strategic partner trusted and chosen by Regal Nails, RICH supports not only payment services but also introduces comprehensive management and marketing solutions for the nail salon.

RICH provides a variety of solutions from credit card payments, modern Point-of-Sale system (POS) with marketing solutions and customer care on the digital platform. The successful cooperation between RICH and Regal Nails is the mutual trust in each other as well as the long-term strategic vision aiming for the common success of both.