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What do you need to prepare to open a Nail Salon in the US?


The Nail Salon industry in the US is actually developing very strongly with high growth potential. However, successfully opening a Nail Salon in the US requires careful preparation, business experience and strategic planning. This article will be invaluable experiences accompanying you throughout the process, important steps to start a Nail Salon business in the US. Let’s explore this potential industry together!

How much capital is needed to open a nail salon in the US?

To open a Nail Salon in the US, you need an initial investment capital of $100,000 – $300,000. This budget includes rental, purchase of professional Salon equipment, stationery, marketing fees, printing, employee salaries and an emergency fund for other incidental expenses. The investment amount may be higher or lower depending on the area, location and business scale.

What to prepare before opening a Nail Salon in the US?

First of all, you need an execution plan on processing, services, scale, operating procedures…. After that, funding, applying for business licenses, finding locations, hiring agency in charge of designing the Salon if needed. Finally, purchasing equipment, recruiting staff,… to be ready to open.

1. Apply for construction permits and business licenses

Applying for building permits and business licenses will be extremely important and will take quite a long time to complete.

Specifically, you need to fully prepare the application documents including the application, professional certifications (if any), pay the fees and submit the application to the local licensing authority. It usually takes 1-2 months to get approved licenses valid for 2 years.

In addition, documents on fire safety, environmental health, and construction completion are also required.

2. Find business location

It is important to choose a location with convenient traffic and near main roads. Shopping centers, commercial centers, and urban areas are all good choices. In addition, spacious space with lots of natural light, nice view, clean, cool, quiet, close to parking are noteworthy criteria. Of course, the rental price will be carefully considered based on the profit potential of that location.

3. Choose professional interior design

To make a successful Nail Salon, you need a luxurious, impressive space suitable for functioning. Investing in a professional design unit experienced in aesthetics and beauty will save time choosing the right one suitable for your business nature and orientation.

The professional designers will advise harmonious colors, proper lighting, suitable temperature for customers to relax. They arrange the functional areas, ensure easy entrance, optimize space usage. Finally, they need to ensure to finish the construction on schedule so you can launch the Nail Salon as expected.

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4. Build branding identity

Building a branding identity becomes an extremely important step in order to create a unique impression. You need to invest in creative ideas, delicate, easy to remember attributes reflecting the salon’s vision, elements like colors, fonts, images also need harmonious combination creating the branded image.

Each Salon needs to have Logo, messaging and related products to increase brand awareness and customer recall, creating a professional service image.

5. Select suitable Merchant services and POS system

Technology plays a key role in business management and operations. To make your business more efficient, you need to choose a specialized card payment service and management software (POS) provider.

Nail Salon in the US

POS system and Merchant services help Nail Salons operate efficiently and increase customer satisfaction.

Key features that a management software should have include supporting customer appointments, tracking and managing employee activities. This POS system allows owners to view net revenue, expenses, daily/monthly profits, making Salon management easier.

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6. Recruit nail technicians

The staff reflects the professionalism, service attitude and capacity of the Nail Salon so we need to be carefully selected to recruit the salon’s mission and vision. In the US market, the technicians must be professionally trained and licensed to practice legally.

Recruiting experienced technicians with skills will surely demand a higher salary compared to newcomers without experience and extra training time. Salon owners should consider this to match their budget and scope of work.

7. Purchase necessary equipment and supplies

Purchasing quality equipment systems is the key deciding the continuous servicing capacity of the nail salon. There are many advanced technology machines and tools to facilitate work efficiency and productivity. The salon also needs to invest in diverse nail care products like polishes, acrylic powder, designer tips, massage creams and cleaning solutions… Prioritize famous brands and authorized distributors for guaranteed reputation and quality.

8. Craft Marketing plan and social media posting

From 6-8 weeks before the grand opening, the shop owner should start building a marketing plan to widely publicize information and attract the attention of the community. Campaigns such as trial promotions, social media promotion with images/videos of the salon and staff can be implemented. Additionally, printing flyers, vouchers or opening discounts to invite customers to experience the services is advisable.

Post-opening, continuously updating interesting content to encourage customer returning, focus on service quality and attentive customer care for word-of-mouth referrals.

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In addition to the preparations mentioned above, to build a sustainable Nail Salon in the US, the owner needs to focus on complying with health/labor safety regulations, providing specialized services, continuous training for employees, and leveraging technology to streamline processes and enhance customer experience. The key lies in balancing quality and profitability.

We hope the article provides you with a comprehensive overview of the journey to open a Nail Salon in the United States. Feedback and contributions are warmly welcomed!